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2658: The Onion

with Carly Ann Filbin Orgasms prevent prostate cancer; bull kills another matador; transitioning and transitioning back; being non-binary; women in bikinis; city scams; magicians; onions

Carly Ann Filbin

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Does anyone remember a TV show that had a storyline about the scam that Keith discussed on this episode? I'm so annoyed that I can't remember it but it was an older show because there was a bank of payphones. And it was a nun doing the scamming.
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The point is Fuck you. That's the point.
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"Human first and woman second" makes me feel the same way as "We are all humans" does when people are discussing race.

Yes, we all know that. But these particular kinds of humans are mistreated and when should make it so they don't feel like they have to push their gender to the side in order to not endure negative consequences.

I live in the south so "yall" is used most often. "You guys" is only used ironically. I have heard just plain "guys" used tho.

I refer to anyone I'm talking to as "girl" and "sis". My male friends know that I am aware of their gender. They also may use "man" or "bruh" when talking to me. I know that they know my gender. (I am aware that this is a privilege cause we are all gender conforming)
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I implore all of you to watch Brain Games on Netflix. Our brains are terrible lol
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Great show as always, gang! 💯💯

Your waiter stories reminded me of my time as a waitress. I was still learning the ins and outs of the job when I took out a huge tray full of food for a table. I got up to the table and tried to put the tray down on the tray stand, but I ended up dropping the entire thing on a (thankfully) empty table in front of the entire restaurant. I was so mortified. The bartender ended up sneaking (underage) me free drinks to make me feel better about the whole thing, so that was cool. Haha.
What was your biggest fuck up while serving? And please tell me that you lied about your tip amount. I did on the regular and feel no remorse about it. I think it's because the manager of the restaurant was arrested for having sex with an underage girl TWO TIMES. The first time the owner actually bailed the fucker out of jail and let him keep his job. The second time he wasn't as lucky.
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Originally Posted by Apia View Post
I don't think that's the same.
When I, as a white woman, as the more privileged one would say I see no race or something like that, this would be ignorant. I would ignore racism and try to say everything is ok as it is.

But I am a woman, and also an outspoken feminist, because I believe in human rights for everyone.
I think I'm a human first, so maybe it's a good idea for women to have human rights and not being treated as toys.
I'm saying "Duh, yes, we all know you are human first. Everyone is human first. " now let's look into why you feel the need to make that distinction.

Why must you downplay your "women-ness" in order too be treated like a human?
Who are you trying to appeal to by proclaiming you are human?
Everyone's right are human rights.

There is a long history of oppressed groups trying to prove they are human. It doesn't work.

Black's were shot wearing three piece suits in efforts to prove they are human.

MLK towards the end of his life came to the conclusion that appealing to people's morals and sensibilities wasn't going to get blacks rights.

We call it "respectability politics".

This is why a lot of black feminist and black activist are annoyed with white allies. Some would rather reinvent the wheel thinking they are doing/saying something new and profound. Rather than listen to people who have been doing this for much longer and build on what has already been learned.

Men know you are human. They aren't dumb. They are just unwilling to give up their social status in order for true equality to happen.

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Yes, girl. I am aware that the world is not the US. *eye roll*

(Are Europeans aware of how pretentious they sound when they say that?)

I used one example of an oppressed group.

You live in Germany. Let's not pretend there aren't some groups their that haven't been made to feel less than human.

That is not the point.

Everyone identifies as human first. We are all human.

What I'm asking you is, why do you feel the need to proclaim that?

Was there a point in time where you didn't think you were a human? Did you have to go through a journey of learning your human-ness?

Or (the most likely answer) do you feel you have something to prove?
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Originally Posted by Apia View Post
I tend to feel non binary on the inside but have no problem presenting as female.
Is this OK? Or am I wrong?
This is a totally different statement than "i feel human first before I feel woman"

How you feel on the inside is your business and not a place for my opinions.
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I don't "feel" any particular gender on the inside.

But because I was assigned female at birth it's just easier for me to present as a woman.

I do spend a large amount of time in steel-toe boots and a hard hat tho, if that's worth anything.
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