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Carly Ann Filbin

Host of 'Let Me Break You Up: A Live Anti-Dating Game Show' and star and co-creator of web series 'Single Blonde Failure'.
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KATG 2658: The Onion

with Carly Ann Filbin – Orgasms prevent prostate cancer; bull kills another matador; transitioning and transitioning back; being non-binary; women in bikinis; city scams; magicians; onions June 22, 2017

Show Notes

  • — It’s Carly Ann: Carly Ann Filbin, who used to go by Carly but she’s stepping it up, is in studio
  • — The Magic Number: Studies show that ejaculating 21 times a month helps prevent men from developing prostate cancer
  • — Hurry Up, I’m Dying: Matador Ivan Fandiño was impaled by a half-ton bull after tripping on his cape
  • — Assigned At Birth: A high school student transitioned then transitioned back shortly after. The school made them sign something to say that they won’t transition again.
  • — Misgendering: Hann comes on mic to discuss identifying as non-binary
  • — Don’t Be A Jerk-Off Laws: A man is blatantly taking pictures of women in their bikinis at the swimming pool in his apartment complex. It’s not against the law.
  • — Predatory Laws: A scam artist posing as a pastor scammed a woman into giving him $28,000. Keith discusses when he got tricked playing 3-card monte.
  • — Are You Fingering Me Right Now?: The gang discusses the power of magicians
  • — On This Guy’s Side: A man ordered a sandwich, asked for no onions, got onions anyway, and whipped out his dick while threatening to burn the venue to the ground

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