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doubleTwist - iTunes for Android

So like a decent number of the population looking into new smart phones I settled upon the HTC Legend, which is on the Android OS. After a disappointing experience trying to add music and movies to my phone I stumbled upon doubleTwist.

It has a very similar layout to iTunes, pretty respectable interface and operates pretty well as a whole. However, under the podcasts section, the KATG show is extremely back-dated. How might one fix this so I can listen at a reasonably updated pace?

Aside from the obvious lack of KATG updates, its a pretty nice app that you can get on your phone and sync with it when you get it on your PC.

Check it out here.

PSN: Shipht . MacBook Pro

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I dont really know because this is the first I've heard of doubleTwist, but could you download the shows you want off and then place them within doubleTwist?
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For podcasting, try the Google Listen app from the market. The app will automatically download new podcasts as they come available. You can search for them but I find it works better to cut and past the feed url. (Keith and The Girl)

I know it may be heresy as far as android users are concerned but I really prefer iTunes for music syncing. I downloaded an app called Tunesync that allows for wireless syncing. You install it on your phone and on your computer. If you like, it could even sync podcasts that way too but I prefer using the Listen App.

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in doubletwist, go to the menu File-Subscribe To Podcast... do that instead of using the feed from the directory

enter in the Feed URL,
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Originally Posted by wookietv View Post
in doubletwist, go to the menu File-Subscribe To Podcast... do that instead of using the feed from the directory

enter in the Feed URL,
This sounds like the solution to me.

I always had a shitty time with doubleTwist. I think the greatest mediaplayer/sync-er in terms of functionality is mediamonkey. It's for windows but it's 2010 - virtualize it (eg vmware fusion if you've got a copy of windows knocking around).

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