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The problem is picard, I've just watched 1/3 of a movie, and its given me very little desire to watch the rest. I will, and I sure hope they pull it together. I'd hate them to finish the series with a "meh".
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Just looking forward, for those who may not have read:

After the series is over there is also going to be a made-for-TV movie directed by Edward James Olmos called "Battlestar Galactica: The Plan".


From Wiki (which paraphrases what the Chicago Tribune wrote): "The Plan storyline show events from the beginning of the series, mainly from the perspective of two Cylon agents"

And of course the show Caprica is supposed to be coming out next year. I'm fairly certain that it won't be in the same style as BSG though.
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Originally Posted by spooky View Post
(an ass shot of adama, perhaps?)
Hot. I'm in.

Originally Posted by picard102 View Post
I'd rather it end as a character driven plot line then just a mindless explosion fest.
I agree. The best part of the series has been the characters. If I want explosions and awesomeness... well, I don't mind that - but it's not that kind of show. It's always been about the characters, and how they fit into the puzzle.

I agree the episode last night was good, but it seems like, for the last few, it's been a lot of chat and minor development to 10 minutes of good, adrenaline pumping story (deciding to find Hera, Boomer leaving WITH Hera, etc)

They're going to have to do a damn good bit of writing to wrap everything up.

* Hera
* Cabul/Colony
* The real Earth (the notes, I believe, were a planetary starsystem)
* The "Beings of Light"/Ressurection of Thrace
* What the fuck is going to happen to, well, EVERYONE.
* etc.

I just don't want it to be rushed.
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Originally Posted by spooky View Post
i really hope theres at least a tiny bit of action ahead....

the way all the recent episodes have been, though, I am anticipating another yawn fest. maybe we will get really lucky and have some exciting scenes of people crying, maybe some old people sex, some more senseless dreams and imaginary places....ive given up on any more actual fighting.

I think they decided to go out with a whimper. and they will laugh at anyone who stuck it out after the 4 or 5 episodes of nothing happening they used to "build up" to the stunning climax(an ass shot of adama, perhaps?)
To be fair, next episode is basically about Galactica's final suicide mission to the Cylon base or whatever; plus the ad for the finale pretty much shows all the main characters shooting guns at some point, so I think we can safely say that there will be some action for the last few hours of the show.
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There's gonna be nothing but some SPLOSIONS and raining gunfire in this last one. I cannot WAIT. They're gonna drive that honkin' beast right into the black fucking hole. What a perfect sendoff to Galactica and everyone on her. I wonder if going through a black hole was what resurrected Starbuck in the first place, and if it's the means for everyone's eventual death and resurrection. All I know is that they must have saved their SFX budget for this last double-ep blowout and I'm gonna be in line at the theater to see it EARLY.

Speaking of which, guess who was at the theater last week watching the episode with her entire family, and answering questions on stage afterward?

I know my pics suck, I was in a thick crowd and pics weren't actually allowed. But STILL. Sackhoff is as hot in person as she is on the show!
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Originally Posted by picard102 View Post
Awful. The Deus ex machina reigns supreme.
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Well Frak me...that was as good as you could wrap up a show.

Makes me all the more proud to be a strong, tattooed supporting member of the HUAR army.


It left enough questions open to fuel debate, but closed the loop enough to be a non-sopranos like ending. Well done.

I suppose the new mini-series we'll see about the "Danials" and I was bummed there wasn't any more of the Dianna's. But overall, I'm very happy with the ending.

Oh and how weird is it that Eric Stoltz does look very much like Apollo and really makes it believable that they are related yet they arn't...maybe...I guess we'll see how Caprica plays out.
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Originally Posted by picard102 View Post
Nope. It was perfect until that silly little coda. We know it was Earth all along. We get the themes. Adding dancing robots with googly eyes just seems to cheapen an otherwise poignant ending. You could still have even had the conversation in NYC without being so blatant or showing shots of robots. Otherwise, though, it wrapped up very well, all things considered. I enjoyed the "all coming together" scene on the bridge, and Baltar's reversal.
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