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975: Burns and Allen

Everything looks sexy. She has no control. June 9, 2009

Show Notes

  • — Emily EpSTINE: You have a right to not feel like a douchebag
  • — Patti Blagojevich: You're a celebrity for being the wife of a scumbag
  • — Rediscovering Biggie Smalls: Yeah that's right let's go to work bitch
  • — Easy Guitarists: The lead singer isn't going to shred on your guitar, get off the mic
  • — Brolo IS Rock: He's talking the TALK and I'll tell you what JACK, it's Tuesday on a SUNDAY!!!!
  • — Keith's Final Destination: Are we going to teach a lesson or are we going to be interesting?
  • — Coming Out: We have to live in society where people don't know that Clay Aiken is gay
  • — The Rainbow Gate: I'm sorry, did my lady parts turn you gay?
  • — Daddy's Little Girl: It's just love guys, that's why I get to fuck my daughter
  • — Pelham 1 2 3: I think Travolta killed the baby to promote this movie
  • — George Burns and Gracie Allen: God you're fucking stupid, Chemda
  • — You're The President: Do you have to go to a Broadway show Obama? Relax
  • — New York Gritty: Never roll the window up on someone unless you mean it
  • — Homie The Clown: There's a shoot out in your apartment, don't stop dancing Whitey Bastard
  • — Capturing the Friedmans: Clowns should have two names like Silly Billy, also they should be pedophiles
  • — Pole Dancing is Fun: Heidi Larious; That's what I need, jokes with my whores
  • — Cops Need More Power: Keep going to parties with shoot outs, then remind me about your rights
  • — Your Glass Eye: Did you hear the latest on Sanjaya? I was shot in the face.


Emily EpsteinEmily Epstein

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