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1456: The Hydrangea

I had a stick, so, of course, y'know, I pick up the underwear to see the damage done. And there is damage I've never seen. September 6, 2011

Show Notes

  • — Mental Health Food: Keith and Chemda were able to go camping with their significant others because they all had tacos together
  • — Shite: Keith stopped twittering his shit because Cat didn't like it, but he found a loophole
  • — All Grown Up: Keith wore sleeves and a collar for his stand up show in April
  • — Knowledge Is Power: Matt Bray knows things, and now you know things too
  • — I Didn't Say Anyting: Keith has a habit of hurting with words
  • — More Shite: Keith climbed a mountain and found shit at the top
  • — Cooties: PDA is more acceptable in Keith's and Chemda's respective new relationships
  • — Rockefeller: Keith used his tent just once before donating it to the little people
  • — First Watch: Women like the seat at restaurants with a view of the door and their surroundings
  • — Sabotage: Competitive businesses are removing each other's listings from Google Maps
  • — Logs: Everyone finds it funny that Keith has to shit occasionally
  • — Flowers Dot Wiki: Madonna wants people to research her flower preferences before giving them to her
  • — Hirsute: A listener watched the Roast on an airplane and traumatized children with Pat Dixon's video
  • — Fear Itself: Patrice got nervous about being part of the Roast and got drunk onstage
  • — Just Say No: A listener failed her police academy application because she said she drinks 20 beers a month
  • — Anti-Whore: A Frenchman was court ordered to pay his wife $14,000 for not having enough sex with her
  • — Abraham: A man fathered 150 children through sperm donations
  • — Tackling Charlie: A 61-year-old Vietnam veteran went back to college and joined the football team
  • — Chaz Hands: Chaz Bono is appearing on Dancing With The Stars

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