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1755: Dan Sober

Why can-ya ja-Keith jusakedtrhfgytj are we frens jus ask me akyestion! April 2, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — The Very Best: Dan Soder, who is Keith's opener for the 10th Annual Stand-Up Extravaganza, is in studio
  • — Bleep: Dan recently taped his Comedy Central Presents special, and he had no problem keeping in his cursing nature
  • — Dry Soder: Dan recently quit drinking because he was worried he couldn't control it, and so far he enjoys sobriety
  • — Bobble Dan: Dan still doesn't think of himself as a handsome person, so he experiences a degree of schadenfreude when once-hot girls turn into average-looking women
  • — Jerk Off From Way Back: Dan discusses sex while drunk vs. sex while sober
  • — Science: 57% of the audience thinks that Sean Penn and his son are racist
  • — Gandead: Shane Gandee, the breakout star of MTV's Buckwild, has died from bucking wildly. Do we now owe him any respect?
  • — Pure Bile: The latest episode of Keith's spin-off show, My Name Is Keith, where Keith interviews a drunk who talks about his hatred of his wife, is a hit


Dan SoderDan Soder

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