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1815: America's Got Jimmy

with Jimmy Failla July 22, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — The Late Jimmy Failla: Jimmy Failla, who is here to have fun and is gonna have fun, is in studio
  • — Blasphemy: A listener wrote in to Keith to let him know that his rant against the church struck a chord, and more than half of KATG listeners believe Keith knows what women want
  • — The Dog Tweeter: Keith's dog, Hugsy Malone, now has his own Twitter account, and he has shit to say
  • — Revolution: The Royal Baby has arrived, but Americans should have better things to care about, like Geraldo Rivera's nude selfie
  • — Making A Difference: A homeless league of soccer players took to Times Square to engage in sport, and the gang is not impressed
  • — See Something Say Something: Jimmy talks about seeing the underbelly of the city and how and why he'd save a passenger from getting robbed by a street prostitute
  • — Emotional Sodomy: Jimmy appeared on America's Got Talent, but asked the producers to edit him out after giving him and his fans the runaround about when he would actually be on the show
  • — I Just Want Good Content: Jimmy wrote a book and claims he doesn't care if it sells; Chemda calls BS
  • — One Million Doll Hairs: Keith is offering an extremely large sum of something to anyone who can show him proof that Jay Leno was once funny


Jimmy FaillaJimmy Failla

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