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  • — Drink!: Keith and Chemda, announcing Chemda's birthday party drinking game show, are in studio
  • — Yse: 16% of KATG's audience are dyslexic
  • — Held Up: Two black youths bought expensive items at an upscale store in Manhattan and were harassed by police on suspicion of credit card fraud
  • — Bad Week For The Police: Police shot and killed a teenager who had toy guns on him
  • — Bad Week For Teenagers: A teenager hacked up his math teacher with a box-cutter before going to see the new Woody Allen movie
  • — Leave Them Kids Alone: Keith and Chemda contemplate if sending your child to school is worth it
  • — T+A TA: A University of Iowa teacher's assistant accidentally sexted all of her students
  • — Soup Is Hotter In Hell: An atheist group was not allowed to help out at a soup kitchen
  • — McRip-Off: McDonald's is expanding its dollar menu to include things that cost more than a dollar

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