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1949: Dan vs. Danny

With Dan Vetrano and Danny Hatch – Danny betrays Keith’s friendship, Dan comes out of the closet, Monopoly will have new rules, Michael Vick replaces Mark Sanchez on the NY Jets March 26, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Just Dandy: Dan Vetrano and Danny Hatch, who appeared in and judged the 2013 Philly’s Phunniest competition respectively, are in studio
  • — Fuck My Friends Time: Keith takes Danny to task for his betrayal of their friendship when Danny didn't tell Keith that he and Emily Lubin had had sex
  • — Hello Dan’s Mom: Dan comes out of the closet to his parents for the first time live on KATG
  • — Piss Poor: One of Philly’s Phunniest competition judges missed Dan's set to go to the bathroom and scored Dan regardless
  • — When The Cat’s Away: Keith addresses the food expiration date conspiracy
  • — Excited For Coldplay’s Next Album: Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have announced that they are separating as a married couple
  • — All Bets Are On: Keith has audio proof from the 38-Hour Marathon that he and Brandon Collins did not in fact call off their Best Picture bet
  • — House Rules: Hasbro will be releasing a new version of Monopoly that incorporates some of the most popular improvised rules people use to cheat with
  • — This Week In Football: Dog Trainer Michael Vick is joining the New York Jets as quarterback, and dunking the football through the uprights to celebrate is now against the rules
  • — This Is Awkward: A woman who was abandoned as a baby in a Burger King bathroom reconnected with her mother after posting about it on social media

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