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1977: Mama Mia

With Kara Klenk - Kara explains her rocky relationship with Jared Logan, the reason Solange attacked Jay-Z (hint: Rihanna), Dr. Dre sells Beats and becomes a billionaire, Donald Sterling claims his mistress is the racist one, Chelsea Handler's sidekick Chuy does real porn May 14, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Motherly Love: Kara Klenk, Jared Logan’s ex- and current girlfriend, is in studio
  • — On The Road: Kara and Jared are touring together for 2 weeks
  • — Rihanna Pays It Forward: Solange beat and kicked Jay-Z in an elevator because he wanted to hang out with Rihanna even though everyone knows he cheated on Beyonce with Rihanna
  • — Endorsed By Ted Alexandro: Dr. Dre will become the first billionaire in hip-hop after finalizing a pending sale of Beats by Dre to Apple
  • — Spend Money To Scam Money: It costs potential casinos $1 million just to apply for their license to be a casino
  • — The Worst Apology Ever Tour: Donald Sterling is claiming that his mistress is actually the racist one in the relationship, and that he only said those things to get into her pants
  • — Size Matters: Chelsea Handler’s sidekick Chuy is now an honest-to-god porn actor
  • — Too Old For This Shit: The world's oldest man (at 111 years old) lives in Manhattan


Kara KlenkKara Klenk

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