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1998: Make Some Noise!

With Dan St. Germain – Breaking up while in love; handjobs at massage parlors; listener feedback on Dave Chappelle; World Cup: America vs. Ghana; Macklemore sells $50 shirts; Tesla; ABC News producer Don/Dawn/Don/Dawn Ennis; cell phones affect sperm count; Mariah Carey gets goofy; Starbucks offers its employees 2 years of free college June 18, 2014

Show Notes

  • — A True Professional: Dan St. Germain, who only needed 1 re-do for his introduction, is in studio
  • — Trading Up: Dan and his girlfriend, who he was immensely in love with, broke up because she moved to San Francisco. So he got a handjob at a massage parlor.
  • — Not Handling It Well: The gang discusses listener feedback regarding Dave Chappelle’s controversial departure from Comedy Central
  • — Soccer Goons: America enters its first World Cup 2014 match. Keith knew they were Ghana win.
  • — $50 In His Pocket: Macklemore, known for extolling the virtues of thrift shops and not buying $50 t-shirts, is selling t-shirts for $50
  • — The Great Radio Controversy: Keith is seeing Tesla with former intern Kyle; Dan’s never heard of Tesla or the song ‘Signs.’
  • — I’m A Her Now: ABC News producer Don/Dawn Ennis, who briefly chose to live his life as a woman before reverting and claiming he suffered from amnesia, has decided that he is a woman again
  • — No Service: According to a new study, cell phones in pants pockets negatively affect sperm count and mobility
  • — Dem Babies: Mariah Carey tried to pass off a picture of her that aired on Oprah in 1997 as being current
  • — Very Good Luck: Starbucks is offering 2 years of free college tuition for its employees through a partnership with Arizona State University

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