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2007: The 2 Minute Competition

With Katharine Heller – 2014 Stand-Up-Athon winners announced; sleepwalking; teacher-student sex poll results; The Supreme Court’s decision on contraception being covered by employers; Joan Lunden and breast cancer; Bible rhetoric; puppies July 2, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Best In Show: Katharine Heller is in studio as the winners of the 2014 KATG Stand-Up-Athon are announced
  • — You Have 2 Minutes: Katharine ended up in the hospital with a head wound after sleepwalking, and she shares stories of other horrific sleepwalking encounters
  • — Hot For Teacher: 55% of KATG’s listeners believe a high school teacher who is found guilty of having sex with a student of any age should go straight to jail; Katharine and Chemda don’t necessarily agree and share stories about how they were sexually harassed
  • — The Epitome Of Strength: A listener who may or may not be Shia LaBeouf writes in to defend Shia LaBeouf
  • — First Amendment: The Supreme Court ruled that businesses don’t have to pay for birth control as part of their employees’ health insurance due to the employers’ religious beliefs
  • — Very Sad News: Joan Lunden, who Keith wishes was his mom, has breast cancer
  • — Too Sexy For My Burka: The gang takes apart the misogynist and homophobic rhetoric found in religion
  • — Fever Pitch: People take off work and use up their vacation days so they can watch World Cup games that happen during the workday
  • — Bang Bang: Hugsy Malone, who sweats through her feet, can now play dead

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