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2022: Woman of the People

With Kevin Avery – Last Week Tonight with John Oliver; the Sarah Palin Channel; a prankster replaced the American flags atop the Brooklyn Bridge; multimillionaire Hillary Clinton claims her family was “dead broke” when they left the White House; Bill Clinton’s current mistress; sexual advances denied and chronicled in a spreadsheet; sexless romantic relationships July 29, 2014

Show Notes

  • — FXXked Up: Kevin Avery, ex-head writer of Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell and current writer on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, is in studio
  • — Last Week This Instant: Kevin talks about the stress of staying on top of up-to-the-minute world and pop culture news as a writer for daily and weekly television shows
  • — Gotcha Journalism: Sarah Palin now has her own online news channel to combat the lame-stream media all around her
  • — Surrender: Someone replaced the regular American flags on top of the Brooklyn Bridge with bleached-white American flags, exposing how shoddy bridge security is
  • — This Week In The Clinton Family: Hillary Clinton, who’s made over $5,000,000 by giving speeches (and whose husband made over $100,000,000 through speeches), claimed her family was ‘dead broke’ when they left the White House; Bill Clinton has a mistress nicknamed ‘Energizer’ who is kept secret from Hillary by both Bill and Hillary’s secret service agents
  • — Spread Lips, Not Sheets: A man created a spreadsheet to document both every time his wife refused him sex and the excuses she used when she denied him; they are but 2 of the 40,000,000 Americans in sexless romantic relationships


Kevin AveryKevin Avery

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