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2023: 10%

With Greg Warren - Handshaking vs. fist-bumping; McDonald’s selling expired meat; customer service and Cracker Barrel; woman awarded $23.6 billion in cigarette settlement; Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin revisited; the percentage of our brain that we use; Jerry Sandusky’s adopted son speaks of sexual abuse; Disney World employees arrested for pedophilia and child porn; Disney employee rules; why you should jump the turnstile; Jay-Z and Beyonce to divorce? July 30, 2014

Show Notes

  • — What Do I Gotta Do, Read 'Em All?: Greg Warren, who has a lot of credits, is in studio
  • — Pound It: Fist-bumping spreads only one-twentieth the amount of bacteria that a handshake does
  • — Stand By Your Meat: A factory in China that supplies to a multitude of fast food restaurants was found to be processing expired meat and meat that had fallen on the floor, and was dropped by every food establishment except McDonald’s
  • — Tea'd Off: The gang talks about how complaining to companies has evolved from letters to phone calls to social media posts, and Greg discusses his love-hate relationship with Cracker Barrel
  • — Wingin’ It: 39% of KATG’s listeners prefer blue cheese dressing with their buffalo wings
  • — Thank You For Dying: A Florida jury awarded a widow $23.6 billion in damages because a cigarette company didn’t inform her late husband how dangerous it was to smoke cigarettes
  • — Women And Politics: Keith uncovers a new part of the broke Hillary Clinton conspiracy, and Keith predicts a very public Sarah Palin meltdown
  • — Myth Busted: The existence of Expendables 3 shoots down the ‘we actually do use 100% of our brains’ theory
  • — Penn-etration State: Jerry Sandusky’s adopted son gave an interview to Oprah about his life of child abuse and ‘bedtime rituals’
  • — The Most Magical Place On Earth: 35 Disney World employees have been accused of pedophilia and possessing child porn since 2006. The gang discusses some of the strict rules Disney park employees must adhere to.
  • — NOT THIS TRAIN!: Keith explains to Greg why you shouldn’t feel guilty in the least for jumping the subway turnstiles
  • — All The Single Ladies: The fact that Beyoncé is apartment hunting without Jay-Z adds to the theory that they are breaking up from their fake marriage.


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