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2051: Asshole Keith

With Bastard Keith – Gender fluid; married OITNB writer learns she’s gay; masturbating in public; U2 made $100 million; No Good Deed and The Drop; Keith’s new Steelers friend; Adrian Peterson; Oscar Pistorius guilty of manslaughter; Kanye West yells at physically handicapped September 14, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Second Banana: Bastard Keith, whose name is 100% a show-business name, is in studio
  • — Citizen Them: Chemda interviewed Bastard Keith's gender fluid wife, Rosebud, for What's My Name
  • — Very Sympathetic: A transgender girl was crowned homecoming princess of her high school to the support of most and the anger of few
  • — Gay Is The New Straight: One of Orange Is the New Black's head writers left her husband after realizing she was a lesbian from her writing. She also fell in love with one of the show's stars.
  • — What A Jerk: 11% of KATG's audience has masturbated at work in the open. Keith remembers that he did, in fact, masturbate at work in the open as well.
  • — Nothing Means Anything: Keith recorded an episode of My Name Is Keith with Justy Dodge where Justy believes that Keith is hiding his true self
  • — Tuesday Bloody Tuesday: People are upset that the new U2 album automatically showed up in their iTunes accounts. Apple paid U2 $100,000,000.
  • — The Voice: Keith reviews No Good Deed and The Drop
  • — Steeler Magnolias: Keith made a new friend he saw wearing a Pittsburgh shirt. Keith, Ray DeVito, and Ray's anti-Semitic friend watched the Steelers lose to the Baltimore Ravens.
  • — Switch-Hitter: Adrian Peterson was indicted on child abuse charges after he beat his 4-year-old son and returned him to his baby mama still bleeding. Keith's view on physically punishing children contrasts with Chemda's and BK's.
  • — Modelslaughter: Oscar Pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide, South Africa's version of manslaughter, in the death of his girlfriend
  • — The Fucking Bible: Everyone is excited for Keith's re-telling of The Bible
  • — That's So Kanye: Kanye West called out 2 fans for not standing at one of his shows before learning that one had a prosthetic limb and the other was in a wheelchair


Bastard KeithBastard Keith

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