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2184: Bad Kid

with David Crabb – Taxi conversations; introducing yourself to people you met; Jackie Martling calls; growing up gay and goth in San Antonio, TX; Texas allows students to carry concealed guns on college campuses; the Vatican’s disgusted with Ireland’s pro-homosexual vote; Josh Duggar molested at least 4 of his siblings May 27, 2015

Show Notes

  • — The Goth Kid Holding A Rose: David Crabb, author of the memoir Bad Kid, is in studio
  • — Unfare: Keith recorded his cab driver to show what cab driver’s one-sided conversations are like
  • — We’ve Met: Keith went out last night and introduced himself to someone who had already met him, which became a to-do
  • — What If God’s A Retard?: Jackie ‘The Joke Man’ Martling calls in with another joke and offers a glimpse into his life
  • — Dear Claude: David talks about his upbringing as a gay goth kid in San Antonio doing crazy drugs with his friends, living alone for weeks at a time, and coming out to his divorced parents
  • — Guns 101: The Texas House of Representatives has approved a measure to allow students to carry concealed handguns on college campuses
  • — You're All Pieces Of Shit In The Eyes Of The Lord: The Vatican's Secretary of State has called Ireland's approval of same-sex marriage 'a defeat for humanity'
  • — God's Plan: Josh Duggar, the oldest of Jim Bob and Michelle’s 19 Kids and Counting (and former executive director of the homophobic Family Research Council), molested 4 of his younger sisters when he was a teenager, which his parents covered up for years


David CrabbDavid Crabb

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