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2215: The Wedding Planner

with Ben Lerman and Amy Shanker – The KATG Tour: Portland, Oregon; how to deal with pretentious servers and rude cabbies; how not to lie to your parents; 38% of women appreciate catcalling; wedding planning; Chet Haze destroys hotel room; pizza chains vs. independent pizza shops; McDonald's secret menu July 22, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Tickets for the Portland, Oregon stop on the Party! Super Party! Tour are now available
  • — Class Is In Session: Amy Shanker, ex-teacher, and Ben Lerman, first-ever KATGuh Best New Guest winner, are in studio
  • — Ahead Of The Curve: Ben is engaged to a man, which happened before the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal
  • — Croque Monsters: Ben apparently ordered a ham and cheese sandwich wrong at a French restaurant to the waitress’s dismay. Amy told her taxi driver to fuck off after he drove her home the wrong way and called her pompous. Keith has no problem leaving restaurants and running from rude cabbies without paying.
  • — How Much Did We Pay For These Lessons?: When she was in 4th grade, Amy completely faked her summer camp guitar performance to the audible chagrin of her father. The gang reminisces about times they’ve lied to their parents, who were obviously onto them.
  • — You Wanna Ride Me Home?: Amy got catcalled yesterday, which made her miss the sophisticated street harassers she encountered in Europe. Only 1 male KATG listener has admitted to catcalling, while 38% of KATG's female fans say they enjoy it.
  • — It Was Great In Rehearsal: Ben plays a song he wrote about the frustrating process of planning his wedding. Keith and Chemda recall their own weddings and the work that went into them.
  • — Well, It's A Lifestyle: Chet Haze, son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, is wanted by British authorities for inflicting $2,000 worth of damage on a hotel room after he was denied sex
  • — 5% Of My Listeners Need Aborted: 95% of KATG's listeners prefer independent pizza shops to chain pizza
  • — Cross Contamination: Keith discovers the McDonald's secret menu

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