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2561: Time Bomb

with Mike Lebovitz – A father of 3 and the political climate; Chemda’s silent party; the Super Bowl and Chemda’s chili cook-off; going through people’s things February 1, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — He Follows Instructions: Mike Lebovitz, comedian and father of three, is in studio
  • — So Fucking Gifted: One of Mike’s three kids is being tested to be in a gifted and talented program at age 4
  • — Did You Have Your Tubes Tied?: Mike’s wife loves having kids, and the gang discusses babies on airplanes and in restaurants
  • — I Wanna Be Sedated: Civilians are becoming more engaged now that the political climate is so dire, and the gang discusses the protests and the attendance of children
  • — It’s My Party And You’re Not Invited: Chemda is having a weekly get together at her place where women, LGBT and gender neutral people can sit in silence, smoke weed, and get spiritual. No straight men allowed.
  • — Who Is In The Super Bowl?: Keith fills Mike in regarding the Super Bowl, and Chemda is hoping to participate in a chili cook-off that day
  • — Destroying My TV and My Dreams: Mike’s son got angry at a video game and broke his TV
  • — Getting to Know The Neighbors: Mike and his friend Andrew used to house sit for older couples. His friend would go through their stuff, and they found naked pictures and homemade porn.


Mike LebovitzMike Lebovitz

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