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2578: Edible Arrangements

with Erin Jackson – Cruise ships and ports of call; weed candy; Erin’s unknown African fame; Bill Paxton and Judge Wapner died; man jumps off stranger’s balcony to die; Oscar bets; Moonlight, Get Out, and Collide reviews; Chemda’s wedding anniversary; Valentine’s Day rear-ending February 26, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — KATG’s 12-Year Anniversary: Celebrate 12 years of Keith and The Girl by supporting
  • — Live On A Big Boat: Guest Erin Jackson and the gang discuss cruise ships, passengers, romance, and ports of call
  • — Erin’s Cool Now: Since her last appearance on KATG, Erin has tried weed candy
  • — You Owe Me Royalties, Ghana: Erin found out that her head shot is being used in ad campaigns for multiple major companies in Africa
  • — Celebrity Deaths: Actor Bill Paxton dies at 61 due to complications from surgery. The People’s Court judge Joseph Wapner dies at 97
  • — Can I Use Your Balcony?: Brian Swearing, a 23-year-old Queens resident walked into a stranger's apartment and jumped off her balcony
  • — Oscar Predictions and Movie Reviews: Keith and Chemda make their Oscar bets, and Keith reviews Moonlight, Get Out, and Collide
  • — Anything But Lasagna: Chemda went out for her wedding anniversary only to have her husband get hit on by a waitress
  • — A Likely Story: Trump says he will not show up to his first White House Correspondents' Dinner because of the way the press has treated him
  • — My Funny Valentine: Erin, single, got rear-ended in her car on Valentine's Day


Erin JacksonErin Jackson

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