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2592: Nerd Justice

with Pat Byrne – Pat’s dating past and present; crazy moms and Floridians; the jury duty scam; landlord unapologetically murder tenant; justifiable(?) shoplifting; Star Trek: The Next Generation revisited and the holodeck explored; We-Vibe stole your personal sexual information; being stood up and protesting on camera March 17, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Hey Mr. DJ: Ex-DJ and current talk show host Pat Byrne is in studio
  • — Life Changer: After dating some real pieces of work, Pat is dating comedy photographer Mindy Tucker
  • — Girls Gone Wild: A mom allowed her 10-year-old son to drive her car while streaming it on Facebook. A mother pointed a gun at another mother over bad driving while children were in both cars. A pregnant woman in labor had her friend inject her with heroin and meth before she gave birth.
  • — @_FloridaMan: A Jacksonville landlord threw out all the possessions of one of his tenants, except the ‘movers’ hit the wrong apartment. A drunken Florida tourist tried to run over a rooster with a golf cart but instead flipped the cart and injured himself instead.
  • — Scam Artist: Las Vegas scammers are calling people and telling them that they owe fees for missing jury duty. Fines payable by Western Union, wink.
  • — A Bronx Tale: A Bronx landlord killed a tenant and then immediately reported himself to the police
  • — Modern Robin Hood: A man was arrested for stealing diarrhea medication, sparking a debate on Chemda’s justifiable(?) shoplifting
  • — Trekkie: Chemda brings up all the rape in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the gang discusses the real world problems that the holodeck would present
  • — Not Vibing: Canadian vibrator company We-Vibe was sued for $375,000,000 for saving personal intimate data about their users without their consent
  • — Poll Results: 19% of the audience has been stood up on a date, and 60% of the audience would not feel comfortable being interviewed on camera during a protest


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