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2595: Best Self

with Cathryn Lavery – Keith’s murder scene; The Newlywed Game revisited; Chemda’s arrest revisited; Chemda in court; Keith is the ultimate host; Listener Deandre Sample is married March 22, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Queen Of The House: Keith’s wife, Cathryn Lavery, well-known for her negligence in leaving cabinet doors open, is in studio
  • — Murder Is Messy: Keith cut his foot on glass and politely tried to alert Cat as he trailed blood all over their floors
  • — You Guys Cheated: Keith digs up an old show where Keith and Cat played The Newlywed Game against Chemda and Hennessy, hosted by Adam Brown
  • — But It’s The Law: Chemda fires back at people on the forums who are siding with the legal system after hearing her story about being locked up
  • — Roller Rules: Chemda details her court trip and reveals what the original charges were that lead to her arrest
  • — The Ultimate Host: Keith thinks he is unappreciated for having all the board games that have ever existed
  • — Mrs. Deandre Sample: Keith and Deandre’s own family learn that Deandre is married for the first time thanks to an oopsie Deandre made in a post regarding The Walking Bored lmao

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