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2598: Party Session

with Daniel Hartley – Video game stress; Chemda’s Silent Smoking Session vs. Keith’s Yelling Coke Party; Chemda’s case and law facts; I Am Not Your Negro reviewed; Chemda’s wannabe lovers: Erik Estrada, Isaac Hayes, Alfonso Ribeiro, and Sway Calloway; Daniel’s drug problem and recovery March 27, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Game On: Daniel Hartley, who also plays video games and screams at the TV, is in studio
  • — Silent Smoking Session vs. Yelling Coke Party: Chemda summarizes her most recent silent smoke session while Keith and Daniel mock her
  • — Miranda Rights: A criminal law graduate points out that Chemda was to have her rights read to her when she was arrested, and that she could easily take legal action for her mistreatment. We learn the real facts on if and when you need to show a cop your ID.
  • — Tough Times For White Men Watching Movies: Keith saw the movie I Am Not Your Negro
  • — Celebrities That Tried To Bed Chemda: Erik Estrada, Isaac Hayes, Alfonso Ribeiro, and Sway Calloway all have something in common
  • — Would You Like Valium With That?: Daniel went to rehab for drugs and alcohol, and he discusses his bottom and subsequent recovery
  • — Because They Are Lame: Keith and Chemda are certain that their parents have not done drugs. 50% of the audience believes that their parents have not done drugs as well.

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