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2600: Up Your Butt and Around the Corner

with Sam Evans – Keith’s stand-up about his wife; Keith’s kitschy game collection; Keith does Judy Gold’s Kill Me Now podcast; dog walking; sex in public; 94-year-old is a McDonald’s employee for 44 years; weed transparency; Russell Crowe gained all the weight; United Airlines bans leggings; Libby Phillips: dating and KATG spinoff episodes March 29, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Take My Wife, Please: Keith did stand-up at Christian Finnegan’s last Q.E.D. show, and his out-of-town wife may or may not have been a topic
  • — Anne Whitman, Enabler: Anne is adding to Keith’s kitschy game collection by gifting him with the game Simon
  • — Blame It On The Trains: Keith did Judy Gold’s podcast, Kill Me Now, and Keith and Chemda share Judy’s shenanigans
  • — As Muslim As The Day Is Long: Guest Sam Evans discussed his religious upbringing and how he’s now free to live the sexy life of a dog walker
  • — In The Open: Sam's girlfriend wants to have sex in public, but he doesn't think he can pull it off
  • — McDonald’s Retirement Plan: A 94-year-old Indiana woman worked at McDonald's for 44 years. Surprise, she has no plans to retire.
  • — I’m Sorry, I’m High: Sam can’t help but tell people when he’s high. Chemda asks show hosts how late a show is starting to see if she can smoke.
  • — Gladiator, More Like, Glad He Ate More: Russell Crowe was pictured looking like a fat pig in the news
  • — Companies Have Dumb Rules: Young women were forced to change out of leggings when boarding a United Airlines flight
  • — What’s Your Flavor?: Libby gives us the latest news from The Wonderful World of Dating and recaps the new Flavor of the Month show hosted by Joanna Shaw Flamm

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