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2601: Junk in the Trunk

with Neal Stastny – Neal’s life with (not gay?) Jason Burke; Neal’s new nephew; Cuba Gooding, Jr. lifts Sarah Paulson’s dress in public; Tiller, Oregon for sale for $3.85 million; working at a hatchery; riding in the trunk; senior citizens riot after Bingo closes; Beijing controls your toilet paper use; pregnant teen killed by train on train tracks while photographed; cop watches confiscated child porn while collecting overtime March 30, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Living With A Fun Drunk: Neal Stastny, roommate of (not homosexual?) Jason Burke, is in studio
  • — Baby Crazy: Neil is being replaced by his sister's newborn as the youngest person in the family
  • — Show Me The Money: Cuba Gooding, Jr. lifted Sarah Paulson’s dress unbeknownst to her while they were onstage promoting American Horror Story: Roanoke
  • — Mo Money Mo Problems: The gang discusses buying the entire town of Tiller, Oregon for $3,850,000
  • — Résumé Builder: Neal explains working at a hatchery
  • — A Fun Game: Neal’s dad used to make Neal ride in the trunk if he was dirty after baseball practice
  • — Bingo Brawl: An outbreak of violence erupted amongst senior citizens after it was announced that the number of weekly bingo games was being reduced
  • — Wipe Like An Animal: In Beijing, to combat toilet paper theft, machines have been installed that scan people’s faces before toilet paper is distributed so that no one gets more than their fair share. Keith informs us how to properly clean your asshole.
  • — Trainspotting: Fredzania Thompson, pregnant teen, was struck and killed by a train while getting her photographs taken on the tracks
  • — The Pete Townshend Excuse: Canadian cop Craig Wattier was busted for looking at videos of child pornography that were logged as evidence while collecting overtime


Neal StastnyNeal Stastny

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