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2605: Zoology

with Christi Chiello – DILFs; long-distance therapy; telling people you work in comedy; Republican Chuck Woolery; Trump’s new t-shirts; man accidentally burns otherwise alive co-worker to death in crematorium; Power Rangers and The Zookeeper’s Wife reviewed; The Star Trek Moral Question of the Day; Record Store Day April 5, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — A Ray of Sunshine: Christi Chiello, who Chemda does a spot-on impression of, is in studio
  • — Talking Funny About DILFS: Christi has a new podcast called Talking Funny. In her recent episode she talks about how much she loves hot dads
  • — Long Distance Relationships Never Work: Christi is no longer skyping with her therapist who doesn’t live in the city
  • — Do You Know Louis C.K.?: The gang talks about what it’s like revealing to civilians that they are in the comedy business
  • — That’s A Vagina Hat?!: Game show host Chuck Woolery expressed outrage over the ‘pussy hats’ that feminists have been wearing
  • — Shut The Fake Up, Media: Trump is selling t-shirts with a tagline slandering the media
  • — Dead Asleep: The internet claims that a man taking a nap at a morgue was accidentally put into a crematorium and burned to death by another employee
  • — No Shits Given: A substitute teacher was arrested for being publicly intoxicated at work and throwing up in the classroom. Police found a box of wine in her purse that she had been drinking from on the job.
  • — You Can’t Stop Me From Watching Power Rangers: Keith is growing his beard out and living a fast and loose lifestyle while his wife is away
  • — Zootopia: Keith reviews the Nazi-era movie The Zookeeper's Wife
  • — Get The Fuck Out Of Here Dog Toucher: Keith is the only person who voted that people who commit bestiality should be killed
  • — Star Trek Moral Question Of The Day: Chemda takes a strong stand on alien body swaps and consent
  • — Who Needs A Diaphragm: Chemda’s album that she released with Conjure One is being released for the first time on vinyl for Record Store Day

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