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2606: Now Hiring

with Hann Cowger – A KATG internship interview; tattoos, addiction, cancer, and her dead father April 6, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Call Me Hann: Hann Cowger, who is being interviewed live on the podcast for an internship, is in studio
  • — Were You Paid In Tattoos?: The gang discusses Hann's unconventional tattoos and her work experience in Kansas, Texas, and now New York
  • — You Like Marijuana? You’re Hired!: The gang discusses Hann’s history with drugs and alcohol
  • — Are You Psychotic?: Hann talks about managing her bipolar disorder and her battles with mental health problems throughout the years
  • — The Naked Show(s): Hann discusses nude comedy shows, her experience as a stripper, and her time as a phone sex worker
  • — Busted Knees: Like Keith, Hann also has busted knees. She talks about her addiction to opiates following her knee surgery and her family's history of drug addiction
  • — Do You Expect To Die?: Almost every member of Hann’s family has had cancer


Hann CowgerHann Cowger


Hann Cowger
Hann Cowger
Hann getting grilled by Chemda and Keith
Hann getting grilled by Chemda and Keith
Hann's chest piece
Hann's chest piece
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