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2607: Just a Person

with Anthony DeVito and Andrea Allan – Anthony’s sexual 90-year-old grandma; Anthony’s deadly ingrown hair; (not) working at the Apple Store; Beauty and the Beast 2017 reviewed; robber turns in whole crew; ST: TNG philosophy; the internet votes on a pro soccer team’s name; Anthony’s much younger girlfriend April 7, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — A Hot Mess And Just A Guy: Andrea Allan, a bigger mess than her co-host of The Hot Mess Comedy Hour, and Anthony DeVito, who has been on late night but is just a normal guy, are in studio
  • — An Older Taye Diggs: Anthony’s blind grandmother is engaged to a much younger deaf man who is black. Anthony's mother was shocked… that he was black.
  • — Do You Smell That?: Anthony had an ingrown hair that got so infected that he couldn’t walk
  • — Under The Radar: Anthony ‘worked’ at the Apple Store and was sure that he did next to nothing
  • — No One Fucks Like Gaston: Keith saw Beauty and the Beast, and the gang goes over the classic storyline
  • — Snitches Get Stitches: In China, 3 thieves stole fossilized dinosaur eggs. One of robbers felt bad after the fact and turned everybody in.
  • — He’s More Than An Android, He’s An Android: Chemda brings up some strange Star Trek philosophy point
  • — Boaty McBoat Face: A group starting a major league soccer expansion team in San Diego held a Facebook poll asking the public to pick the name. Footy McFooty Face was the winner with 2,770 votes.
  • — Child Bride: Anthony is dating a much younger woman who he met in a basement at an open mic

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