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2609: Have a Pepsi and a Smile

with Rosebud Baker — Astrology; the past you didn’t know you had; Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi commercial; drivers; sobriety; Botox; abusive boyfriends; The Boss Baby, Going in Style, and CHiPs reviewed April 11, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — No Judgements: Rosebud Baker, who is into astrology, crystals, and the related sciences, is in studio
  • — Whoops!: Rosebud learns that she is related to owners of a slave-run plantation. Just kidding she isn’t. Andrea fucked up in her pre-show research.
  • — Hand Syria A Pepsi: The gang discusses the offensive Pepsi commercial featuring Kendall Jenner
  • — Boomerang Burp: Rosebud had a driver that burped and blew said burp into a vent in his car which then blew the burp in her direction
  • — Booze And Pills: Rosebud has been sober for 9 years, thank goodness
  • — In Her 30s: Rosebud had Botox because she feels pressure to look young and compete against younger females who are already doing it
  • — Bad Men: Rosebud discusses her abusive ex-boyfriend
  • — Death In The Family: Rosebud’s sister died by drowning because she was held down by the drain's vortex in a hot tub
  • — A Cry For Help: With his wife out of town, Keith watches The Boss Baby, Going in Style, and CHiPs


Rosebud BakerRosebud Baker

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