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2611: Pound Puppies

with Carmen Lynch — Sleeping on the job; dating someone already with child; Carmen vs. cats; KATG’s new apprentice; sex with vs. the eating of animals; KATG events; Carmen’s sexting technique; RealDolls now have a family setting April 13, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Chloë Sevigny’s Fabulous Friend: Carmen Lynch is in studio
  • — Clocking Out: Like Carmen, 75% of the audience has slept while on the job
  • — Daddy’s Friend: Carmen is dating a father with child. Keith explains to her the family dynamic.
  • — #CatLivesMatter: Carmen made a joke on late night TV about hating cats, triggering the collective scorn of the internet
  • — You’re Hired: 93% of the audience voted in favor of hiring Hann Cowger, as if we would actually trust the internet to make that decision
  • — Dog Fuckers Revisited: 32% of the audience believes that people who have sex with animals should be put down. The gang revisits the debate, and it gets heated as having sex with animals is compared to eating them.
  • — Party! Super Party!: MeMeCherry calls into the show to welcome new listeners to this weekend’s KATG events
  • — Cum?! That’s Nothing: Carmen sexts on public transit like a pro
  • — Give Me Your Eggplant: RealDolls will now have a sex robot that has both a family and a sexy mode

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