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2614: 2017 24-Hour Marathon: The End

with Tim Dillon and Ophira Eisenberg — Associate Producer problems; the marathon revisited; 4/20; Ophira, Tim, and the horrors of stand-up comedy April 21, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Andrea Is An Adult: Chemda calls Andrea out for her pre-April 15th slip-ups
  • — Tits In The Chatroom: The gang reminisces on some of the greatest moments of the marathon, including the hidden bonus hour
  • — Mommy Dearest: Chemda hopes you had a fantastic 4/20 and talks about how she used to call her mom while stoned
  • — Hamptons Trash: With Tim Dillon at the mic, Ophira Eisenberg talks about the worst show she’s ever had

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