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2620: Ring the Alarm

with Charlie Rohrer and Andrea Allan - Anger issues; gender and suicide; escape rooms; paparazzi; My Name Is Keith’s final episode; Keith’s archenemy; sleep-talking and the excruciating way people set alarms April 30, 2017

Show Notes

  • — I’ve Been Awake For 20 Hours, Nice To Meet You: Keith and Chemda met Charlie Rohrer for the first time when they were at the tail end of the 24-hour marathon
  • — Immersion Therapy: Charlie has been working on his anger issues which have been exacerbated from living in NYC
  • — Impulse Control: The gang discusses the difference between how men and women commit suicide
  • — Escape Room: Charlie works in an escape room, he explains how couples react when put under pressure
  • — Front Page News: The press released another picture of a celebrity trying to live their life in private. Today we exploit Al Pacino at the beach.
  • — RIP MNIK: Keith is ending his legendary spin-off show because he is too concerned about what happens to the guests when they black out and leave the studio. He rehashes the horrors of guests leaving the studio.
  • — 58: Keith learns the age of the man who sincerely wants to be Keith’s latest archenemy
  • — Detective Work: Hennessy thought Chemda was missing, and he texted most of their social circle, leading the gang to discuss a weird form of sleep-talking.
  • — WHAT’S UP, K?: Andrea joins Keith and Chemda to discuss the way people set alarms and drive their loved ones up a wall

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