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2643: Slow It Down

with Harry Terjanian – The Beige Phillip Show; slowed down cover songs; working at a shipyard; wrestling commentary; more with the addict listener; Tiger Woods’s DUI; sexting June 2, 2017

Show Notes

  • — We Aren’t Fucking Around: Harry Terjanian, co-host of The Beige Phillip Show, is in studio
  • — Slow The Roll: Keith loves cover songs that have been slowed down and sexed up
  • — Above His Pay Grade: Harry works at a shipyard. He’s not convinced that dead bodies aren’t coming in or going out.
  • — Stop Putting Ladders Under The Ring: Harry does comedic commentary on wrestling
  • — Attaboy: Chemda reads her insane back and forth texts with the addict listener
  • — DUI Of The Tiger: Tiger Woods was arrested for driving under the influence
  • — Send The Cooter: Harry had a back in forth sexting with a girl he had never met in real life, and things didn’t go smoothly
  • — The Life Of The Party: Harry’s friend Josh Accardo is a (married) ladies’ man who tries to hook Harry up with women who are clearly into Josh

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