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2646: Do The Right Ding

with Chaz Kangas and Alexis Guerreros – Chaz raps AWAKE; Uber’s chutzpah; What’s your damage?; looking like a child; punching your own face and laughing at death; stealing restaurant soda; more Sandusky fallout June 6, 2017

Show Notes

  • — A Rapper And A Pizza Tour Host: Chaz Kangas and Alexis Guerreros are in studio
  • — Keith’s Album Drops Like The Beat: Keith’s album AWAKE is now available for presale. Chaz will explain throughout the show.
  • — Drive Through: Alexis called an Uber. The driver was busy at Target.
  • — The Right Ding: Hennessy accidentally hit a car while riding his bike. Long story short; he owes $1,866.
  • — Am I Right?: Chaz recounts his experiences joking around with airport staff about his age
  • — The Results Are In: 4 of the listeners have punched themselves in the face. 28% percent of the listeners are not comfortable joking about the death of a close relative.
  • — Get To Know Yourselves: A McDonald’s customer replaced his water with fountain soda. Long story short; there was an arrest.
  • — Don’t Drop The Soap: The former president of Penn State and 2 other former university administrators were each sentenced to jail time for failing to alert authorities about Jerry Sandusky’s molestations

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