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2647: In Tents

With Kate Willet – The Naked Comedy Show; Burning Man and Plan B; vampire couples; Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher; Flint official blames bad water on N-words June 7, 2017

Show Notes

  • — From The Naked Comedy Show: Kate Willett, who Chemda saw perform in the nude, is in studio
  • — I Said That?: Kate had sex in an orgy tent at Burning Man and then took an entire pack of birth control as a replacement for Plan B
  • — Blood Is Thicker Than Water: A self-proclaimed ‘vampire couple’ drinks each other’s blood as a sign of devotion
  • — No Takebacks: Kate gives her take on the Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher controversies
  • — Dropping The N-Bomb: Flint official Phil Stair has resigned his position after water activists recorded him saying the N-word


Kate WillettKate Willett

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