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2649: Squaring Off

with Maria Wojciechowski – Keith’s sick day; Schtick or Treat; Paula Poundstone controversies; high school sweethearts; Chemda witnesses a street fight; Chemda’s emails with her mother; Andrea’s and Maria’s relationships with their mothers; Bipolar Disorder; Celebrity lookalikes June 11, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Girl and The Girl: Keith is out sick so Andrea stands in for him, trying her best to channel her inner Malley
  • — Please Say My Name Wrong: Maria Wojciechowski, whose last name is as hard to pronounce and Chemda’s first name, is in studio
  • — This Crowd’s On Fire: Chemda saw Maria perform in a show called Shtick or Treat where the comedians perform as the characters of comedy legends. Maria played Paula Poundstone.
  • — What Else Is Out There?: The gang talks about couples who met at a young age and stayed together
  • — Humblebrag: In less than a week Chemda has ridden over 50 miles on her bike
  • — Nobody Throws Radios: Chemda recounts her experience witnessing a street fight in the city
  • — One of The Tough Guys: Andrea tried to break up a fight between 2 Canadian Rugby players and broke one of her heels in the process
  • — Conceal And Carry: Maria is from the south and one of her cousins pulled a gun out at a bar
  • — Mommy Dearest: Chemda reads the email correspondence between herself and her mother. Maria and Andrea talk about their relationships with their mothers.
  • — Passion Pit: Maria was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder after she started hearing voices and conversations that weren’t actually happening
  • — I Put A Sign In My Yard: Maria got in a fight with her mother over Trump and the recent healthcare reforms
  • — Keeping It Real: Andrea talks about her candid relationship with her mother, including telling her about her abortion and her ticket for public urination
  • — The Mom You Didn’t Have: Maria wants to have kids partially to fulfill the desire of being a better mother than hers is
  • — Seeing Double: Maria has a website with pictures of herself next to actress Laura Dern because they look like twins

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