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2660: Code-switching

with Alzo Slade – Code-switching; Chemda’s mom; to condom or not condom; Johnny Depp knew he was going broke; The Slants; JAY-Z’s new name; how to have great sex June 26, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Coolest Cat In The Game: Alzo Slade, who is always as cool as the other side of the pillow, is in studio
  • — Black Living In A White World: Alzo explains the linguistic phenomena of code-switching to Keith
  • — Let’s Call Them: Chemda gives an update on her correspondence with her mother
  • — New York City Women: Alzo explains NYC ladies and condom and not condoms and…
  • — Guess I’ll Sell The Jet: Old email surfaced between Johnny Depp and his financial advisors that prove he was warned that he was in financial trouble
  • — Freedom Of Speech: The band The Slants won a court case fighting for their right to use their band name despite it being a racial slur. Radio host Mike Francesa acted surprised on air that he couldn’t use the term ‘oriental,’ over and over and over again.
  • — JAY-Z Not Jay Z Nor Jay-Z: JAY-Z is bored and is changing the spelling of his name to have something to do
  • — The Meal Doesn’t Match The Menu: The gang talks about people who don’t move or get into it during sex


Alzo SladeAlzo Slade

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