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2662: Looking for Love

with Tom Brink – Sobriety, relapsing, and suicide; miscommunication; Chemda’s landlord’s catcalls; showing your mom the neighborhood; Timehop; Ron Howard directs Han Solo; Transformers: The Last Knight reviewed; Uber adds tipping June 28, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Fun Fucking Guy: Tom Brink, who was an all-star guest on Two Drunk Minimum, is in studio
  • — Twice As Hard: Tom discusses sobriety, relapsing, suicide, and flirtation
  • — My Wife: Keith’s wife flew out to Austin. Keith is certain that she didn’t tell him about it beforehand.
  • — Fans On Her Shoes: Chemda got catcalled by the studio landlord
  • — Peacocking: Tom talks about his struggles dating while managing his mental illness. He also explains his conspiracy theory about the government creating unnecessary traffic
  • — Trans Talk!: Chemda saw KATG apprentice Hann Cowger at Carolines performing on JC Best and Dina Marie’s live variety show
  • — New York Cheesecake: Chemda reflects on taking her mother to tourist destinations in NYC
  • — Back To The Failure: The gang talks about the app Timehop and how it unearths embarrassing memories
  • — Spinoff: The new Han Solo movie will be directed by Ron Howard
  • — Popcorn Flick: Keith and Tom roast the new movie Transformers: The Last Knight
  • — Just The Tip: Uber is adding a feature that allows for tipping. Tim weighs in as an ex-uber driver.


Tom BrinkTom Brink

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