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2667: The Mastodon

with Petey DeAbreu – 1984 on Broadway; cigarette moochers and thieves; stealing a professional runner’s shoes; being held at gunpoint; rich man, poor man; moving to NYC; donkey sex; Christian porn star; the gang’s origins July 9, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Judgement Free Zone: Petey DeAbreu, who doesn’t judge people even if they are killers, are in studio
  • — X-Rated: The Broadway production of 1984 has an age restriction because audiences are fainting during the performances
  • — Fake Pocket: The gang talks about carrying decoy cigarettes and fake wallets to throw off leeches and thieves
  • — They Smelled Bad Anyways: South African marathon runner Bruce Fordyce was robbed of his trainers by two men who pulled up in a car near his home
  • — Asking For It: Keith and Petey talk about when they were jumped and held at gunpoint
  • — Do You Cry Sometimes?: Petey talks about being a broke comedian compared to when he was a rich criminal
  • — Move Near The Nice Bodega: A listener writes in asking for advice about moving to NYC and how to pick a neighborhood to live in
  • — In The Ass: A South African farmer has been caught having sex with donkey multiple times. The animal's owner is pushing for the tribal leaders in the community to force the man to marry the donkey.
  • — ABCs or XXXs: Teacher Nina Skye moonlights as a porn star. The Christian school she teaches wasn’t pleased.
  • — We Are All Purple And From Africa: Chemda explains her cultural background to Petey and Keith and Petey fist pound over their shared origins


Petey DeAbreuPetey DeAbreu

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