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2669: All Eyez on Me

with Rae Sanni – The President Show; family contracts; Keith’s a bad son; dating a comic; how ladies deal with cab drivers; starting a podcast; scammers and fake IRS agents; code-switching revisited; Tupac and All Eyez on Me controversy July 11, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Taking Your Work Home: Rae Sanni, writer for The President Show, is in studio
  • — Sign Here: Keith and Chemda talk about the various emotional contracts their parents made them sign
  • — Honor Thy Mother: Keith forgot to call his mom on her birthday despite being reminded
  • — I’m Funny Too!: Rae talks about dating as a comedian and how men react to her
  • — Crazy Wins: Chemda and Rae talk about how to deal with cab drivers who creep you out
  • — Never Too Late: A listener writes in to ask for advice on whether or not they should start a podcast
  • — I’m The Bitch Who Bought That!: Rae talks about her issues with her bank now that she is making more money
  • — I’m John From The IRS: A security developer is bombarding IRS fakers with pre-recorded phone calls to prevent them from being able to make outgoing calls. The group talks about their experience with scammers.
  • — Reduced The Number Of White Things In My Life: Rae explains her experience with code-switching
  • — He’s A Convicted Rapist: The gang discusses the realness and controversy of the 2017 Tupac biopic All Eyez on Me


Rae SanniRae Sanni

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