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2678: Dumbass Bitch

with Nathan Macintosh – Deadbeat dads; child drinking; Keith’s punishments; cheat weekends; couple name-calling; men hangouts vs. women hangouts; woman accidentally shoots man through encyclopedia; Pain Olympics July 24, 2017

Show Notes

  • — From The North: Nathan Macintosh, who is a fireball from Canada, is in studio
  • — 52-Card Pickup: Nathan’s father walked out on his family when he was born
  • — I’ll Pay You Back: Nathan started drinking at the age of 13 and got sober at the age of 19
  • — Detach With Love: Keith’s parents wouldn’t drive him to his brown belt test as punishment. Nathan discusses his rocky relationship with his mother.
  • — I’d Love To Cheat: The gang talks about the idea of having cheat weekends when you are in a serious, long-term relationships
  • — No Name-Calling Policy: A listener writes in for advice on what to do about a partner who continually calls her names
  • — Men Are From Mars, Women Are from Venus: The gang talks about the difference between male and female hangout sessions
  • — Dumb People Jail: Couple Monalisa Perez and Pedro Ruiz III were filming a YouTube video where Perez shot at her boyfriend while he used an encyclopedia as a shield. The encyclopedia didn’t do its job.
  • — Dick Fillet: Keith horrifies Chemda and Nathan explaining what the Pain Olympics are

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