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2679: Passion Dust

with Kenny DeForest – Being a mover; Chemda attends town hall meeting; NYC apartment horror stories; how to win the lottery; pornography viewing goes down during Game of Thrones; vagina glitter; cop throws semen on co-worker; sex makes you smarter; UFC fighter poops the mat; woman found to be wearing 27 contact lenses; Trump’s personal attorney threatens man that asked him to retire; pilot asks passengers to pray; modern-day airplane smokers July 25, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Movin’ And Shakin’: Kenny DeForest, who is a mover who screws people’s beds together tightly if he thinks they fuck hard, is in studio
  • — We Pledge Allegiance: Chemda went to her first political town hall meeting, and she took the stand
  • — Apex Predator: The construction near Chemda’s apartment is unleashing rats into her backyard. Kenny recounts some of his NYC apartment nightmares.
  • — Luck Be A Lady: 19-year old California resident Rosa Dominguez bought 2 scratch-off tickets and won both with winnings totaling $655,555
  • — Just Jerk Off To Game Of Thrones: The release of Game of Thrones created a ripple effect and reduced internet porn viewership by over 5%
  • — Passion Dust: A company called Pretty Woman Inc. is selling a glitter-like product to put in your vagina that releases during sex
  • — Premeditated Sperm Throw: Former NYPD sergeant Michael Iscenko was convicted of throwing semen at a female co-worker
  • — Science!: A study came out showing that having sex makes people smarter
  • — Shit The Mat: UFC fighter Justine Kish shat herself publically during a recent MMA fight
  • — Aren’t They Disposable?: Doctors discovered a total of 27 contact lenses in a 67-year-old woman’s eye
  • — Screengrab Culture: Marc Kasowitz, President Trump’s personal attorney, threatened a stranger in a string of profanity-laden emails after the stranger told him he should retire
  • — I’m An Atheist, What Do I Do?: A pilot flying on an AirAsia X flight asked his passengers to pray for a safe return to the airport after they heard a bang from the engine
  • — You Can’t Take Out A Loan Now: Kenny recounts a story of a modern-day airplane smoker
  • — Separation of Church And State: 32-year-old Arkansian Michael Tate Reed was arrested after he deliberately rammed his car into a monument outside of the Arkansas Capitol Dome with the Ten Commandments on it
  • — Let’s Hit The Credit Union: Elderly Brooklyn couple Phyllis Jackson and Benjie Richmond have been busted by the FBI for committing a string of bank heists

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