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2680: Hater

with Josh Johnson – Bus riders; Chemda’s dating app; Hater, the dating app; the positive effects of bullying July 26, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Smooth As Silk: Josh Johnson, the chillest person ever, is in studio
  • — Bus People: Josh saw a man eat a full bull of cereal on the bus. The gang talks about the different bus personalities
  • — Moneybags: Chemda invents a dating app that sets the financial stakes before people meet up
  • — Haterade: There’s a dating app that matches people based on what they mutually hate. The company has released data on what people in each state hate the most.
  • — You Don’t Have To Fight Bears: Josh discusses how he was bullied during childhood, arguing that it made him a better, stronger person


Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson
The dating app Hater
The dating app Hater

New York state's most hated
New York state's most hated
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