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2683: Proud Boys

Wishmaster vs. Wish Upon; morning coffee fights; KATG email politics; a coffee company uses Viagra’s main ingredient; Proud Boys; O. J. Simpson gets paroled; Home Alone’s John Heard and True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis died; weed taste July 31, 2017

Show Notes

  • — We're Gonna Have Fun: It’s just Keith and Chemda, and we are partying in the studio
  • — Air Conditioner Movie: Keith reviews the new horrid Wishmaster rip-off Wish Upon
  • — It’s So Simple: Keith and Chemda answer a listener’s relationship question based on morning coffee
  • — I Don’t Respect Her Enough: Chemda brings up some interoffice email politics
  • — Morning Wood: Bestherbs Coffee LLC recalled a line of their coffee because it had the main ingredient used in Viagra
  • — Talk To Strange Men: Chemda presents her version of Dante Nero’s ‘laying the five bricks’ exercise, and the hosts discuss the male group Proud Boys and whether or not the group is harmful
  • — The Juice Is Loose (Again): O. J. Simpson was released on parole
  • — God Needed Some Actors: John Heard, best known as the father in Home Alone, died at age 71. Nelsan Ellis, the actor who played Lafayette in True Blood, died at age 39.
  • — This Weed Has A Woody Taste: Chemda talks about potheads who pretend they know the difference in taste between different strains of pot

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