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2684: Womansplaining

with Kerry Coddett – The Emoji Movie and food pictures; Dunkirk, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Girls Trip reviewed; KATG polls; Michael Phelps vs. a shark; naked law-breakers; Walmart’s racist online store; Ashley Madison pays out $11.2 million; Patton Oswalt engaged 15 months after wife dies August 1, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Call You Out: Kerry Coddett, who hosted an amazing Flavor of the Month, is in studio
  • — Part Of The Problem: There is a new animated movie where the characters are emojis. The gang talks about social media usage and taking pictures of your food to post.
  • — Movie Reviews: Keith reviews the movies Dunkirk and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Kerry raves about the movie Girls Trip.
  • — The Polls Are In: 15% of listeners believe Stevie Wonder isn’t really blind; 62% of listeners sometimes take pictures of their food and post them online; 36% of listeners’ wished for super power is being able to run Flash-style; and 75% of the audience think listener Elizabeth should have sex with her asshole UPS guy.
  • — We Have To Win: Michael Phelps lost his race against a shark during Shark Week. Chemda talks about Bobby Flay competing with regular chefs to prove he can cook their specialty dish better than they can.
  • — Cop Watch: Hector Calo, a 41-year-old Staten Island parolee, escaped after being handcuffed by cops wearing only his underwear and the handcuffs. Police officers arrested a 32-year-old Manitowoc man for standing in the street without any clothes on. They tased him, causing his beard and chest hair to catch fire.
  • — I Can’t Read That Out Loud: A skull cap with a racial slur in its product description was found on Walmart’s website
  • — Life’s Short, Have An Affair: Ashley Madison pays out $11,200,000 over their hacked website
  • — Give It A Minute: Patton Oswalt is engaged to someone 15 months after his wife passed away


Kerry CoddettKerry Coddett

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