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2685: Losing It

with Vanetta Schoefield – Relationship revenge; naughty pastors; snortable chocolate; being locked in a bar; T. J. Miller’s mental breakdown; woman throws coins in plane engine for luck; Lena Dunham makes up dog abuse August 2, 2017

Show Notes

  • — New Kid On The Block: First time guest Vanetta Schoefield is in studio
  • — The Best Revenge: Vanetta lost a lot of weight right after a terrible breakup, and the gang discusses their wild revenge fantasies
  • — Jerry Springer At Church: Vanetta’s father and mother are pastors. She recounts their rocky marriage and the interpersonal drama that went down at her church.
  • — Loco for Coco: A company called Coco Loco has released a snortable blend of chocolate powder not backed by the FDA
  • — Whoopsie: New Jersey party girl Therese Hipolito passed out in the bathroom of a Lower East Side bar and woke up locked inside the venue the next morning
  • — Garey Busey Round 2: T.J. Miller is saying some contrarian and wacky things during interviews, prompting concern over his mental well-being
  • — Good Luck Charm: An 80-year-old passenger stopped on the tarmac to make blessings as she was boarding her Guangzhou-bound flight. She does this by throwing good luck coins into the engine turbine
  • — Girls Behaving Badly: Lena Dunham returned her dog to the shelter she adopted it from claiming it had behavioral problems due to a history of abuse. The shelter claims the dog was never abused.

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