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2686: Two Drunk Minimum

with Andrea Allan – Andrea's drunk Mr. Hyde: Angela the Angel; meeting the parents; working in a movie theater August 3, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Home Team: KATG Associate Producer Andrea Allan is in studio
  • — Angela The Angel: Andrea recounts some of the insane drinking stories shared on the most recent Flavor of The Month VIP show Two Drunk Minimum
  • — Meet The Parents: Andrea is going to boyfriend Dustin’s hometown, and she’ll meet his mother for the first time
  • — Your Motivation: Andrea and Keith talk about their disdain for hanging out in social groups with actors
  • — Girls Night Is A Rough Night: Dustin works in a movie theater, and Andrea shares the shocking customer behavior that takes place


Andrea AllanAndrea Allan


The home team
The home team
Listen to Two Drunk Minimum!
Listen to Two Drunk Minimum!
Andrea and Dustin
Andrea and Dustin
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