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2687: The King and I

Robots’ secret language; The Dark Tower and Dunkirk reviewed; Stephen King’s rape and pedophilia plotlines; The Emoji Movie; The Karate Kid TV series with Ralph Macchio; Game of Thrones season 7; Trump’s transgender military ban; 110 out of 111 NFL players have CTE; KATG Polls; New York Daily News reports on accused rapist and UCB improv comic Aaron Glaser August 6, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Your Own NSA: Facebook has found two chatbots speaking to each other in their own language – one that humans can’t understand. Keith criticizes the social aspect and transparency of Venmo.
  • — Deserts Bore Me: Keith reviews The Dark Tower and Dunkirk
  • — 7 Pages Is A Bit Much: Stephen King’s novels are filled with plotlines involving rape and pedophilia
  • — Frown Face: Chemda tries to convince Keith to watch The Emoji Movie with their friends
  • — Paint The Fence Again: There will be a TV series continuing the story of The Karate Kid featuring Ralph Macchio and his school archenemy
  • — Tying Up Loose Ends: Keith discusses Game of Thrones season 7 and the surrounding world
  • — It’s Hard To Get Hard: The gang discusses Trump’s most recent public statements regarding transgender people in the military
  • — Modern Gladiators: A recent study of 111 NFL players shows that 110 of them have the brain condition Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) from repeated head trauma
  • — KATG Polls: 26% of the audience had a loved one commit suicide; 40% of the audience think it’s okay to hurt your kid’s bully; 33% of the audience would send their kids to a same-sex school; 56% of the audience thinks O.J. will go to jail again in his lifetime; 1 listener said they would put the Passion Dust glitter in their vagina; 14% of the audience have or will watch dick filleting in the Pain Olympics
  • — No And: New York Daily News released an official story about improv comic Aaron Glaser being banned from UCB over rape allegations

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