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2690: Rose-Colored Glasses

with Jessica Watkins and Andrea Allan – Walking America; drive-ins, Atomic Blonde, Girls Trip, and 4D movies; suicide by text; teens mock drowning adult; Can evil people change?; Pete Rose’s underage sex; 96-year-old nazis August 9, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Finding Herself: Jessica Watkins, who walked across America to find herself, is in studio
  • — Car 2 Go: Jessica recounts a recent adventure she had were she drove around the countryside and ended up seeing a drive-in double feature (Atomic Blonde and Girls Trip)
  • — 4D: Theaters now have a 4D cinema experience where the chairs move and you’re sprayed with water
  • — Suicide By Text: Michelle Carter has been sentenced to 15 months for the involuntary manslaughter of boyfriend Conrad Roy. Jessica and Keith read the back-and-forth text messages that lead to Michelle’s conviction. Chemda tries to see the good side of Michelle while Andrea Allan comes on mic to set Chemda straight.
  • — Good Samaritan Law: A group of teens watched and filmed a disabled man, Jamel Dunn, drown to death in a pond while they mocked him. They then posted the video on social media.
  • — Road To Redemption: The gang debates whether or not evil people have the capacity to change
  • — Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman: Claims have surfaced that former MLB star Pete Rose had a sexual relationship with an underage girl in 1975. Jessica talks about when she was being pursued sexually by her high school’s football coach.
  • — Life Sentence: Oskar Groening, a 96-year-old former Auschwitz death camp guard, was deemed fit for prison

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