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2705: Go for It

The mile-high club; Game of Thrones and the season finale; Stranger Things renewed far into the future; The Hitman’s Bodyguard and Logan Lucky reviewed; Jay Thomas, host to KATG, died of cancer; Mayor Chris Christie doesn’t get sports talk radio job and yells at a baseball fan; Mayor Bill de Blasio murdered a groundhog in public; ESPN pulls announcer Robert Lee so people don’t think it’s Confederate General Robert E. Lee commentating on a game; NYC apartments with Nazi images August 31, 2017

Show Notes

  • — World Update: A couple on a flight to Vegas refused to stop having sex on their flight
  • — Just Going For It: Keith discusses sex and dragons on Game of Thrones. Netflix announced future seasons of Stranger Things, which upset Keith because now he knows things will drag on. Keith outs Chemda for not knowing that there are breaks between seasons on TV series.
  • — The Critics Are Wrong: Keith reviews The Hitman's Bodyguard and its fun song featuring Samuel L. Jackson. Despite what the ratings are saying, Keith thinks The Hitman's Bodyguard is far superior to Logan Lucky.
  • — Fuck It Meditation: Keith has been getting support and suggestions on maintaining sobriety from friends and listeners
  • — KATG Will Return In 2 Minutes: Actor and DJ Jay Thomas died at age 69 from cancer. Keith and Chemda recount their experience being on his radio show.
  • — Sit Down: Chris Christie got into a fight with a heckler at a baseball game. He also did not get a job working as a sports announcer for WFAN, and he pretended that he turned it down. The gang talks about ridiculousness between politicians and the news outlets that cover their behavior.
  • — It’s Me, I’m Asian: ESPN pulled announcer Robert Lee, Asian, from announcing a Virginia football game because his name sounds similar to Confederate General Robert E. Lee
  • — It’s Just A Flag: An East Village landlord is trying to evict resident Will Green for displaying illuminated Confederate flags in his windows. Condo owner Neal Milano is displaying pictures of Hitler, Mussolini, Trump, swastikas, and Confederate flags in the lobby of his building in Sunnyside, Queens.

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